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It’s been awhile

I know I neglect this blog. I just realized that my life has more important things, more pressing matters than to spew out my feelings in a blog.

I’ve learned to be a better communicator with the people that matter…not that you, my followers, don’t matter. I would just rather say my peace in person.

Whatever isn’t meant to be said in person, probably shouldn’t be said aloud or on a public blog for all to see. Because chances are, the person you need to communicate those feelings to, doesn’t even read the blog.

This isn’t really goodbye, but more of a repurpose of a tool. I will use this to post the happiness in my life. No matter who reads it, it communicates my happiness and why not share happiness with everyone?

No sense in griping or complaining here.

My happiness resides in my home with my family. We are a tighter unit than ever before. We love adventures and just plain having fun. We have our ups and downs, as normal people do, but at the end of the day, we are a family. A family who sticks together through it all.


That’s it.

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